How can I setup 1Password on a VM Windows when the vault is on icloud?

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I purchased a license from your website then I purchased a license from apple so i could store the primary vault on icloud. On my Macbook Pro I've installed VMware and Windows 8.1 how can I setup 1Password on a VM Windows when the vault is on icloud?

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  • hawkmoth
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    Will you need to keep that new Windows installation synced with your Mac version? If so, you'll need to switch to syncing with Dropbox, since iCloud syncing isn't available to Windows.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @gsam,

    hawkmoth is correct, if you would like to synchronise a vault between your Mac and Windows in a VM then you will need either Dropbox (which will allow you to also sync to other devices and machines) or if you only wish to sync between the Mac and the VM you could use Folder Sync and make sure that folder is accessible to Windows too.

    Given you originally looked for iCloud that would suggest you wanted to sync either to other Macs or iOS devices. Unfortunately there isn't a way to perform that syncing and also sync the very same vault to Windows. Sorry about that.

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