the password doesn't work on my iPad...Help

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My iPad doesn't accept the password that I use on my Mac and my iPhone. I really NEED to use my iPad

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  • Revbarbra
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    Please help me with password reset...PLEASE

  • danco
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    We really could do with some more information, the items asked for (versions of 1PW, Mac and iOS operating system, sync method, etc) before being able to give an answer.

    AgileBits does not store your information, and cannot reset the password for you.

    As your password is accepted on Mac and iPhone, you must know it (sometimes simple errors like using lowercase letters when it should be uppercase are the issue). Had you ever used a different password on the iPad?

    It MAY be that the best thing is to delete 1PW from the iPad and reinstall. Please DO NOT DO THIS, however, until we have a lot more information from you.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @Revbarbra,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with the master password on your iPad! In case it helps, we do have some tips you can try in this knowledgebase article:

    If those suggestions don't help, then as danco mentioned, we'll need to know some more details about your setup:

    • What version of Mac OS X are you running?
    • What version of the 1Password app is installed on your Mac?
    • Are you using the AgileBits Store version or the Mac App Store version of 1Password for Mac?
    • What version of the 1Password app is installed on your iPhone and iPad?
    • Has your master password ever worked to unlock 1Password on your iPad? If so, when did it stop working?
    • Have you recently changed your master password on any of your devices?
    • How are you syncing your 1Password data (Dropbox, iCloud, Wi-Fi Sync)?
    • Is that same sync method still set up in the sync settings of 1Password on all devices?
    • What device/computer has your most up-to-date 1Password information?
    • On your iPad, is your master password rejected when trying to set up sync, or when trying to open/unlock the app?

    Thanks in advance!

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