Feature Requests: Optional Cert Requirement for 1Password Vaults & Vaults for Teams

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Hi AgileBits Peoples,
Let me start by saying I love 1Password and have been using it on Macs and iOS devices for years.

I'd love to see the option to require a security certificate be present on a system in order to unlock the password vault. One could be generated using options like randomized values generated by mouse movements, etc. This feature also exists in KeePass and I think it would help mitigate the risk of storing your vault on DropBox - where, if compromised, would allow an attacker as much time as needed to brute force your vault. The cert could be maintained within the app only (non-exportable) and only distributed using things like local wifi/ethernet/airdrop/etc. This would prevent users from being lazy and uploading their cert and storing it with their vaults...

My second feature request would be to support password vaults for teams... Being able to set access permissions to logins based on application based accounts or Active Directory accounts... also allowing a vault admin to configure the baseline security requirements of that vault, preventing those using the vault from modifying settings.


-Will Knight

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  • Megan
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    Hi Will ( @wknight47 ),

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I can't comment much on unreleased features, but I'm happy to let our team know your thoughts. :)

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