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Hi there,

After filling 1Password Data User/PWD in a Browser page 1Password shows its dialog to save that Data User/Pwd again - but its old data and stored already...

I have just updated my Mac to OS 10.10.4 including 1Password to 5.3 and manually reinstalled the Browser extension to make sure I got the latest and greatest.
I have also updated my iPad2 to ios8.4 including the new 1 Password 5.4.3
I do synch via Dropbox because I am still using an old iPhone 3S with ios 6.1.6 and 1 Password 4.3.2 (I assume iCloud would be a mess)
No problems with snych or using 1 Password on iDevices

Not a big problem, but maybe there is a simple solution to get rid of that unnecesdsary save dialog.

Greetings from Germany


  • littlebobbytables
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Bernhard at Lake Constance,

    Just to address your synchronisation comments. You made the right choice and if you had gone down the route of trying to get iCloud working you'd probably have torn your hair out before you were forced to visit us in the forums. Unfortunately iCloud and iCloud Drive are not compatible with each other meaning 1Password 4 and 1Password 5 cannot sync with each other via iCloud. Dropbox was the right way to go.

    Now to your 1Password Save Login query. I'm aware of one site (there may be one or two more) where despite their being a valid Login item already saved, it asks if you wish to save again. This site and that issue is even odder as it is ignoring the list of domains not to ask on (so ignoring the ignore list). This is rare though and it sounds like you're suggesting it's more common.

    Using one or two as an example, could you verify please that the full domain (so everything between :// at the start of the URL until the next / is the same as the website field for that Login item. If they do match would you mind posting the URL for the login page please. Hopefully we can investigate and discover what is happening.

    If it's happening with very specific sites it might be they're doing something unusual. For example, I'm aware of at least two banks that perform a linear transformation on your password, in other words they scramble it before you even click the submit button. As they're doing this what we see in the password field never matches what is stored and so we will ask. The only way to stop the constant asking on sites like that is to tell 1Password to Never Autosave for this site and the screenshot below will show you one way to do this.

    Please do let us know if any of that helps and if not then we will continue trying to resolve this with you :smile:

  • Bernhard at Lake Constance

    Hi there,
    here is an example of a site where this happens:
    However, the setting you showed me ("never save for this site...") works just fine, I will do that from now on for the sites I am having that trouble with. That works.
    It just surprises me a bit that this does not happen for the old 1Password ver 4 or the current ios versions. But that doesn´t really matter.
    I consider the problem being solved.
    Thanks for your quick help

  • Drew_AG
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @Bernhard at Lake Constance,

    Thanks for the URL! I tried creating a test Login item for that site, and when I have 1Password fill the login form there, it doesn't prompt me to save a new Login item each time (it only did that the first time, as it should). I don't actually have an account on that site so I get an expected error message there when I try to sign in, but I don't think that would make a difference as far as being asked to save a new Login item.

    If you have the same problem with another site, you can try following these steps to save a new Login for that site. Then try using the new Login to sign into that page. If you're still prompted to save another new Login, you can tell 1Password to never autosave for that site.

    I'm glad the suggestion from littlebobbytables was helpful for you! If you need anything else, just let us know - we're always happy to help. :)

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