Are master passwords device specific rather than account specific?

I only have one vault. I changed my master password on my computer, but on my phone it's still only unlocked with the old password. Do I have to change it on every device? I'd rather not have two master passwords.

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  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @squareone21,

    There isn't a simple answer to this one. There's a convoluted answer so we'll see what level works for you. We don't specifically synchronise the Master Password but we do synchronise a file encrypted by it and it's the file that allows 1Password to unlock everything else. There are very real security reasons why this is the case. The keys themselves though don't change so there bugs where Master Password changes didn't seem to happen as smoothly as they should and sometimes weren't picked up at all.

    Can I ask, what version of 1Password are you running on both your Mac and your iPhone (and anywhere else). If it's the latest. 5.X then we should have fixed all the known bugs. So assuming you are synchronising your vault between them it should be the case of the following.

    1. Unlock 1Password on the device.
    2. Ensure it has synchronised.
    3. Lock the device, forcing the use of your Master Password.
    4. Enter the new Master Password.

    That's the high level overview. In 1Password for iOS for example you can force the vault to be locked by entering Settings > Security and tapping the Lock Now button.

    If you're not running the latest versions of 1Password 5 everywhere though or synchronisation isn't working properly then these will both stop the synchronisation of your Master Password (a phrase I try not to use given we don't actually synchronise the password itself - I hope you understand why we're a bit pedantic about that).

    Does any of that help at all?

  • I just updated to the newest version of 1 Password on my iPhone 6. But I changed the password on my phone manually -- which is no big deal. I completely understand that there are good reasons why you set things up the way they are -- so that no one can hack in and get to all of our info! I must admit that I do worry about that from time to time but so far so good and it sure is incredibly convenient to have them all in one place. Thanks so much for all your help!

  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni

    You're most welcome, @squareone21, on behalf of @littlebobbytables. Glad to hear the manual Master Password change worked fine on your 1Phone and that you're enjoying the convenience of using 1Password! :)

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