Sent a $50 gift card to a friend using Mavericks. Mac App Store won't let her buy 1Password

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I just sent my friend $50 so she could buy 1Password for her Mac. But she's running Mavericks and the MAS won't let her buy it because the current version won't support OS X 10.9. What can she do at this point?


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OS Version: OS X 10.9.5
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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @jonaugust,

    There is a convoluted way to do this. Before we proceed though please don't blame us - this is how Apple's Mac App Store works and we can't alter it.

    The Mac App Store won't let her buy from a Mavericks machine because 1Password 5 isn't compatible. That is correct, it isn't. The last compatible version of 1Password for Mac for Mavericks is 1Password 4. Now the fact is that if you own 1Password for Mac (Mac App Store) then the Mac App Store will allow you to download 1Password 4. Yes, that is a tad confusing.

    The gist is though, if your friend can log into the Mac App Store from a Yosemite machine Apple will let her purchase 1Password 5 for Mac. Then, back on the Mavericks machine she can open the App Store application on this Mac and she can download 1Password from her Purchases tab. The App Store will point out she can't run 1Password 5 and ask if she wants to download the last compatible version, version 4.

    That's one route. Is there a reason why your friend is holding on to Mavericks? If the Mac can run Mavericks it can run Yosemite and it will even run El Capitan when it comes out. There may be good reasons why your friend hasn't upgraded, I just thought I would enquire.

    The other route is via our AgileBits Store. When you purchase a 1Password 5 licence from our store you get a licence file and licence key so that you can run anything from 1Password 3 through to 1Password 5, all of which are available on our AgileBits Download page. Now that's probably not as appealing given you've already purchased the iTunes gift card.

    Those would be the options at the moment. Do any of those sound useful at all? If you have questions please do ask :smile:

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