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Hi, I also use 1Password on iOS, and I like the system they have for logins and passwords whereby the username and password fields are in a fixed, default position for every login you have in your keychain. So, when you go to a login they're always there at the top of the page, with the rest of the information saved by 1Password below them.

I'm just wondering if something similar could be done for the 1Password Windows Alpha, as the way things stand now, different logins have different items at the top of their pages?

Also, would you consider implementing a pin number to unlock feature, for a future alpha or beta, if the app is still in memory? I found this feature on your Android app very useful, and it would save a lot of time, meaning I wouldn't have to enter my full password every time I opened 1Password on Windows Mobile.

Thanks, Paul

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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. It's definitely great to have user name and password to be first things in the details view, we will double check that this is not broken.

    Pin feature is something that might help a lot, it's not there yet though. Meanwhile you can adjust setting Autolock after to Never (or some larger reasonable timeout) to make it easier to switch back and forth. Note that you can see password screen from time to time even when it's set to Never - don't be surprised. We keep unlocked encryption keys in RAM only, we never store it anywhere for security purposes. When system decide to terminate our process (to free resources or preserve battery for example), these keys are lost and unlock page will appear again.

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    @SergeyTheAgile - Thanks for your help & reply. I didn't know about the "Autolock after" feature - I've now set it to a high number. I hope a Pin feature can be included in the future to complement it.

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    We're glad that helps, @pbryanw, and thanks again for the feedback!

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