How can I stop annoying and repeative notifications on sync/backup to repository?

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I have set up 1P to sync/backup its database to a file on my home network so other computers can use/sync to/from it as well. Unfortunately I travel a lot for work and am not on my network for days and sometimes over a week at a time. When trying to use my computer while traveling I am REGULARLY alerted to the fact that 1P can't access the flat file. These windows pop up right in the middle of my work regardless of what I'm doing. Many times after receiving multiples of these pop-up windows, there is a prompt to Ignore which I use but it only lasts for a short amount of time then the pop-ups start all over again.

How can I disable these annoying and unnecessary alerts? I know 1P can't access the file, the computer is not on the network where the file lives. When the computer is back on the network, it will be able to connect. So until then, leave me alone.


1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: 4.4.1
OS Version: OSX 10.10.4
Sync Type: to network-based file on home network


  • hawkmoth
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    I believe you've described the very reason AgileBits does not recommend syncing to a networked volume. I don't use the approach myself, but from reading here, I've seen recommendations to use a flash drive instead. Would that work for you?

    I don't have an answer for how to tun off those notifications, but I'm sure if there is a way, someone will follow along and describe how to do it. Or perhaps, why you can't.

    Edit: I just checked the documentation on Folder sync, and the second paragraph advises against using a network assignable drive. Removable drive, like an external hard drive or a flash drive are OK.

    Here, with emphasis added:

    Folder Sync

    WARNING: The following guide features stunts performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. Accordingly, AgileBits and your tech-savvy friends must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in this guide without proper protection (i.e. backups).

    Folder Sync should only be configured with a folder on a local or removable drive (e.g. external hard drive or USB flash drive). Configuring it with a network volume (e.g. Time Capsule or other NAS) may cause problems if the device goes offline.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @rotfl333x3,

    Just to clarify, the problem you're running into can happen if you have the Folder sync option in 1Password pointing directly to a network drive, because 1Password gets upset when it cannot read/write to the sync folder (which in this case is not available while you're traveling). My understanding is that there's no Apple API to notify 1Password when a network drive is no longer available like there is for removable (USB) drives.

    Instead of syncing directly to the network drive, you can set the Folder sync option to point to a local folder on each Mac, and then use a tool such as rsync (or another file copy tool) to copy the contents of the folder to/from the network drive. You can find some more information about that in our Folder sync guide.

    I hope this helps! If you have more questions about that, be sure to let us know. :)

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