Not sure how to describe this...I am not a techy. I want the same passwords for my mac and iPad.

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We bought the iPad in 2012. The iMac in do I get the same email address and password for both? I am getting a window popping up now saying my iCloud password is incorresct. very frustrated.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.9.5
Sync Type: iCloud


  • hawkmoth
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    Although it is possible someone will come along to help you, it sounds like you have a support question for Apple, not for the 1Password folks. Are you talking about having the same iCloud password? Same password for the entire systems? Or are you wanting help having your 1Password data accessible on both your Mac and iPad? People here can help with that last possibility, so let us know a little more about what you need to do.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @Stormy52,

    I'm sorry you're having some trouble with 1Password! As hawkmoth said, we'll need to know a bit more about what it is you're trying to do, exactly. From your description, I'm not sure if you're having trouble signing into your iCloud account on a website (or in an app), trying to set up iCloud sync in 1Password on your Mac and/or iPad, or something else. If you can describe what you want to do, the exact steps you're taking to do it, and what happens when you do that, we'll have a much better idea of how to help.

    Also, it will be very helpful if you can let know these details:

    • What exact version of 1Password is installed on your Mac?
    • What version of iOS are you running on your iPad?
    • What exact version of 1Password is installed on your iPad?
    • Is iCloud sync currently enabled in 1Password on your Mac or iPad?
    • Aside from your Mac and iPad, what other devices/computers are you syncing with 1Password (if any)?
    • What version of 1Password are you using on the other devices/computers (if any)?
    • What device/computer has your most up-to-date 1Password information?
    • Are you being asked for your Apple ID/iCloud account password, or the master password for your 1Password vault?
    • What is the exact error message you receive?

    Thanks in advance! :)

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