Do I need a refund?

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Hi I've been a long time user of 1password before it was available in the appstore. I recently purchased a 1pass5 lic and I just tried to migrate to iCloud drive and it looks like the version of 1pass I have is not compatible. Is this correct? I believe I am syncing 1password from my iphone to iCloud but now I cant do it on my mac.

Do I need a refund so i can buy the app from appStore?

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1Password Version: 5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: osx
Sync Type: icloud


  • hawkmoth
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    If you insist on using iCloud for syncing, then you will need to buy your copy from the Mac App Store. Apple has closed off access to the required protocols to any application they don't sell from one of their own stores. You're able to use it with your iOS devices because they come from the iTunes App Store. Your license for Mac doesn't come from the Mac App Store, which explains why you can't access iCloud for that.

    You can use Dropbox for the same purpose without buying anything else, and it will work for all your devices.

    I'm not sure what your refund options are. The AgileBits refund policy allows you to get one, no questions asked, if your buy was within the last 30 days. If that applies to you, you likely can have a refund of your upgrade fee. I'll defer to AgileBits folks to confirm that. But when you go to the Mac App Store to buy a license, you will have to pay full price. Apple doesn't allow for upgrade discounts. So you'll need to decide if that's worth the difference in price to you.

  • Megan
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    Hi @vchokshi ,

    What Hawkmoth has said is correct. The AgileBits Store version of 1Password is not currently able to support iCloud sync. If iCloud sync is important to you, you'll need to re-purchase the Mac App Store version of 1Password.

    I've located your license details in our back office records, and you are within the 30 day window, so we'd be happy to refund your purchase price so that you can purchase from the Mac App Store and take advantage of iCloud sync. Please let me know if this is how you'd like to proceed. As Hawkmoth mentions, the Mac App Store is a bit more restrictive with discounts, so we're not able to offer upgrade discounts to existing users. (Just something to be aware of.)

    ref: 275064

  • vchokshi
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    HI Megan, can you please issue me a refund? I will uninstall 1Password5 and install it from the Mac Store. Thank you for your help on this!

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @vchokshi,

    I've processed that refund for you and you should see it back in the same account/card that you used for the purchase in a couple of banking days. Given the weekend is almost upon us that will likely mean next week. You should feel free to make your purchase from Apple's Mac App Store though and contact us at if you haven't seen the refund by the end of next week.

    Just to let you know, to uninstall 1Password (AgileBits Store), all you need to do is move the 1Password from /Applications/ to the Trash. The Mac App Store version of 1Password will pick up the vault used in the AgileBits Store version and import it so you'll lose nothing.

    If you have any questions at all please do ask :smile:

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