Syncing with WiFi for iPhone and iPad

Ok, I am extremely Frustrated. I just bought 1password for Mac thinking I'd finally have all my ducks in a row and I've spent 4 hours dealing with this sync issue and it's all screwed up. I am irritated right now and I will try to not come off as rude. ALL of my passwords are on my iPhone. I had 1Password for iPhone FIRST. I bought 1p for Mac, and sync'd via Wifi right off the bat. It worked great. Later I added some stuff and tried to sync again to add it to the phone, but nothing transferred I thought it was strange because it worked the other way before so I continued to try to troubleshoot. I then began adding things to the phone to see if I could get them transferred to the mac and nothing. Then I tried to set up my ipad to sync and nothing. So then I tried to get 1p for mac to forget my idevices by hitting "delete" when right clicking. All that did was make it to where now 1p for mac will see the idevices and say it's syncing to them, but nothing happens and in the info panel it shows no information for the devices and all options are grayed out as in this image:


So then I uninstalled 1p for mac altogether to try and start fresh, but when i reinstalled all was the same. What are my options? It's as if I just need to "reset" 1p as though I had never tried to set up my idevices and start over, but I can't do that. Every time I try to start over and I pull up this page on my iphone:


1p for mac never gives the the pop up to put in the code. It just sees my idevice and starts to show the spinning sync arrows even though nothing is actually happening and whe I click on the idevice, all the options are grayed out as in the photo above.

I was going to try dropbox, but it seems that it only adds to the idevice and not adds from the idevice. Since all my passwords are on the phone and I need to get them to the Mac, what can I do? I'm seriously rethinking my purchase. It shouldn't be this difficult...

Please help.
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