1Pass crashes multiple times a day (AppStore ver.) + issues with iCloud sync (multiple vaults)

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I have originally purchased a license for 1Pass for Mac directly from AgileBits. Only later I found out that I can not use iCloud sync with this version.

While frustrated, I do understand why AgileBits can not use certain functions of iCloud unless it is through an App approved by Apple... Seamless syncing was one of the reasons why thought I'd use 1Pass as my password manager, and I did not want to bother with various Dropbox setups or having to turn on the sharing WiFi servers, etc, etc... So I went ahead and paid for the same software a second time, this time from Apple Store. I did not mind though as I was looking forward to the seamless iCloud syncing between Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Was I surprised to see that out of the 5 vaults only the primary one got synced through the iCloud and for the remaining vaults the software only offers me a Dropbox synch? You bet I was, and not pleasantly. So I ended-up transferring data from ona vault into a backup file, then re-importing, etc etc. Not the seamless iCloud syncing I was so much looking forward to.

But I'm realizing I might not be doing something correctly. Did I miss some settings that define which vaults are synced through iCloud and which ones are not? I just want to keep all of my 5 vaults in sync across all my devices, automatically of course.

Can someone maybe suggest how to setup the SW on OSX and iOS for iCloud syncing of all 5 vaults? Thanks in advance for any info.

My second issue is that the 1Pass (AppStore version) started to crash ... sometimes happens several times a day (quite annoying), sometimes it hold for a couple of days without a crash. Is there a support email where I can communicate with a specific person who will solve the App crashing problem for me? I'm hesitant about posting the detailed crash logs up on the forum wall.

I did send in the automatic App Crash Report several days ago, along with a description of the crash circumstances and a request that someone from the support department gets back to me on this issue. I'm a bit disappointed nobody got back to me.

Anyway, - thanks for any helpful suggestions.


1Password Version: 5.3 (530029 AppStore)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.10.4
Sync Type: iCloud


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @JanVes,

    Let's first address iCloud Sync. When we first released secondary vaults the idea behind it was, to the best of my knowledge, to allow people to share vaults with others rather than as a way for people to split their items across multiple vaults. Now many people, including myself actually use secondary vaults more as a logical divide than a way to share clearly defined sets of items with others. For us the sharing aspect isn't applicable. Still, given the original goal behind secondary vaults was sharing the time that went into it was dedicated towards systems that would allow those vaults to be shared. That excluded iCloud as an option as you cannot share anything with others in iCloud. Instead the likes of Dropbox was concentrated on as it offered very good sharing options as well as having great cross-platform support.

    We do recognise that are those that simply want to split their items across multiple vaults but still want to synchronise everything to all of their devices. For these people sharing isn't required. We do have this feature request logged in our tracker and it's just the normal factors at play, there's a finite amount of work any developer can get done and every bug and feature request fights for the portion they need to be completed. I don't mean that to suggest we don't consider it important, just that most bugs are important too.

    ref: OPM-2895

    For secondary vaults and synchronisation across multiple machines and devices there is really only one option I'm afraid - Dropbox. We can synchronise multiple vaults over Wi-Fi but that is between a single Mac or Windows machine and multiple iOS devices. If you have other Macs that would require Folder Sync which does also allow syncing of secondary vaults but everything is getting a bit messier and Folder Sync really is for those that really don't want to use a cloud service. I use Wi-Fi Sync myself but of course it means both the Mac and the iOS device(s) have to be on the same network and you have to remember to sync them. By that I mean 1Password can only synchronise when the vault is unlocked but if unlocked on both it syncs automatically. I like it but it isn't set and forget given the locality.

    The only alternative for iCloud at the moment would be to condense everything into a single vault and make use of tags to help organise.

    With regards to the crash reports. I know most, if not all of the support team doesn't have access to these so I think they're mostly reviewed by developers to look for patterns rather than taken as initial contact for assistance. I think the best way forward there would be if after the next crash, if you could copy the contents of the crash report and paste that into an email to be sent to us at support@agilebits.com but before sending though, it may prove useful if you also attach a diagnostic report to that email so that we can see if anything in the logs prior to the crash helps us determine the cause. This guide will assist.

    When sending the diagnostic report to the address above it would help immensely if you could include a link to this thread and your forum handle so we can connect the two.

    You're correct, the public forums, whilst extremely useful, are not the correct medium for a diagnostic or crash report - I totally agree with you there.

    I apologise that currently iCloud Sync isn't as capable as you expected it to be. For multiple vaults Dropbox really is the best option, for just a primary vault between Apple hardware iCloud Sync is just as good but there isn't a solution that allows for both of your requirements, iCloud Sync plus secondary vaults. Sorry.

  • JanVes
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    Good evening,
    thank you for the thorough explanation of the reasons why it is possible to "iCloud sync" only the primary vault. What you mention makes sense and I now understand.

    Re: multiple vaults
    Thank you for the suggestions on the possible workarounds, but I think I'll stick with using the multiple vault setup. Before I started to use 1Pass I was using another such software and decided to migrate to 1Pass primarily because my older system did not have the functions such as multiple vaults, iCloud sync, etc.

    I have several hundred records stored in the app and use this single app to cover all of my needs which are of distinctly different characters => I use 1Pass for storing info relating to: family accounts and matters; my own personal matters and interests; job-related items; info relating to my 2 small corporations, etc... I could of course use the tags or other ways of sorting the data, but I prefer to keep the records separated - not to mix business related items with family items, etc... Keeping records in separate vaults is not only for the ease of finding the info I need, but also for security purposes. Therefore, I do not see merging everything into 1 vault as an option that would work for me.

    Re: iCloud sync
    I look at the WiFi sync function as an emergency means of syncing only - the combination of the vaults needing to be unlocked and sync performed manually is not an ideal method to keep data up-to-date on all devices. I know that Dropbox would probably be the best option for the syncing of multiple vaults. I used to have a Dropbox account, but since all of my devices are either OSX or iOS, it made sense to switch from Dropbox to iCloud. Now being setup with iCloud for all my other apps and needs, going back to Dropbox just for syncing 1Pass would be taking a "step back" in my point of view (and, I would not be too happy about keeping sensitive data stored on several locations - having one set at iCloud, another set at Dropbox, etc...).

    Anyhow ... thanks again for the suggestions - they are all reasonable and I'm sure I'll find a way to make 1Pass work for me even with the multiple vault setup and some way of automatic syncing. Aside from this issue I'm very happy with 1Pass - you guys did a very good job! :) ... As far as the sync I'll probably look into the possibility of "Folder" sync through my home NAS and a file sync software that I am already using anyway to keep some folders updated between my portable and a desktop Macs).

    Re: crashing of the App
    Since I purchased the AppStore version of 1Pass purely for having the iCloud sync capability, I will go back to the original 1Pass version I bought directly from your store and consult the possibility of a refund with Apple. As I mentioned above - I'm very happy with the software, but not to the point of feeling the need to pay twice for the same App ;) ... I was (kind of) OK with paying for 1Pass for the second time if it meant having the iCloud features enabled, but given the issue above I do not feel I need to have both versions.

    As I'm switching back to the non-AppStore version (that one was stable, no crashes that I can recall now) I don't think I'll need to address the App-crashing problem any more. Please, feel free to close down my support ticket [#KEZ-98621-779].

    Thanks again for your assistance!


  • AGAlumB
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    Keeping records in separate vaults is not only for the ease of finding the info I need, but also for security purposes. Therefore, I do not see merging everything into 1 vault as an option that would work for me.

    Indeed. I understand completely, especially since this is why you have things set up the way you do in the first place. I'm only sorry that we're not able to be more flexible when it comes to iCloud Sync at this time.

    However, I do want to point out that you could sync your primary vault using iCloud, and then sync additional vaults using Dropbox. Now, I know you had an objection to this:

    (and, I would not be too happy about keeping sensitive data stored on several locations - having one set at iCloud, another set at Dropbox, etc...).

    ..but it's important to note that your 1Password data is end-to-end encrypted, so 1Password simply doesn't depend on the sync service to protect your data. 1Password is secure by design, not by chance.

    Ultimately, it's your data, so it's entirely up to you where you put it. I just wanted to mention that in case it was helpful to you in your situation.

    Aside from this issue I'm very happy with 1Pass - you guys did a very good job!

    Thank you for the kind words! We know there's room for improvement, but we do our best to give you and the rest of our awesome customers a good experience. And fortunately for all of us, we can continue to make 1Password even better, thanks to your support! :chuffed:

    ref: KEZ-98621-779

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