Does 1Password5 disable your master password

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i was using 1password and suddenly my master password does not work.
i was using the paid version and i got a refund and i continued to use it.

now i have bought back the paid version but it doesn't allw me to login.

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  • lanbau
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  • Stephen_C
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    You really need to provide more information in order for us to be able to help you. Please tell us:

    • What version of 1P for Mac you are using
    • Whether you sync your 1P data to any other device and if so to what device
    • If relevant, what sync method you use to sync your 1P data (Dropbox, iCloud or wifi)

    It's possible you may find this knowledge base article helpful:

    My Master Password is not being accepted. What should I do?


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi lanbau,

    We won't purposely lock you out of your vault. I do wonder if you're syncing at all or if anything in the link provided by Stephen_C assists. The problem is that we don't maintain a copy of your vault and nor are there any ways to reset a Master Password or gain access without the Master Password as those would represent weaknesses that always end up being exploited. The only way for something like 1Password to be secure is to have it where only you can gain access and nothing else. Hopefully something in that link helps but please do keep us updated.

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