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Deleting a generated password

Is there a way to eliminate a generated password once it's saved?
I am brand new to 1Password (for iPhone). I generated a password (Add > Generated Password), then saved it. I figured I could delete the password later, so I just named it "Butts."

Now, when I enter the "Passwords" tab, "Butts" is the only item, and, unlike when I enter the "Logins" or "Wallet" tabs, there's no way to edit and/or delete an individual entry. Why is this? Am I missing something? I would love to get rid of "Butts."

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  • Ha! I feel dumb. That gesture's totally common -- I just assumed it wasn't used given the way your other tabs seemed to work in my (admittedly very limited) experience...

    Thanks for your quick response!


    stu wrote:

    Hi mtvernon,

    Well, I like.... ok no jokes on this one, my apologies!

    Because you can't edit a generated password in the iPhone interface, like you could do with a Login or another item, you just need to swipe across the item to reveal the 'Delete' option, tap that and your 'Butts' will be gone! Sorry for the confusion on that one, we thought the swipe to delete gesture was fairly common.

    Hope that helps,
  • stu wrote:

    You're very welcome, mtvernon

    Don't worry, you're by no means the first person to get confused, maybe that means we need to improve our documentation on this, which is something myself and the rest of the team are working on right now as it happens.

    I actually came to the forums to find out the answer to the same question, and took the time to register to comment once I found it!

    Yes, you need to improve the documentation here, because while you are correct that the "swipe-left' motion is a standard motion for most list-based iphone Apps, the other entries in the application (Logins, Accounts, etc) all have 'Edit' buttons that when activated, also activate a 'delete' Button at the bottom of the Edit page.

    My point being that while standard features across applications would probably lead to most people finding that function, implied consistency in functionality within an application would lead a lot of users to look for an 'edit' button in the generated password list.

    Or, in short , yes, please update the docs. At the very least, the FAQ. :)
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