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iPad won't access Dropbox


Recently purchased the iPad version of 1Password. I set up a Dropbox account, but the iPad won't synch to Dropbox, saying it can't find the 1Password data file.

In my Win7 machine, I got the demo version of 1Password and created a blank data file and copied that over to Dropbox, but the iPad still can't find a data file.

I then tried to go into Preferences/General and move the blank database to Dropbox, but the Move to Dropbox is greyed out and I can't move the data that way.

So, I want to synch the iPad data with the Win7 data and back everything up to Dropbox, but I can do none of these things.

Clearly, I haven't figured something out...where is my error?



  • roustemroustem

    Team Member
    Please also try to login to http://www.dropbox.com and see if there is a .ws.agile.1Password.settings file:

  • My Ipad won't sync with Dropbox too. I checked Dropbox online from my WinXP PC, it has the .ws.agile.1Password.settings file. It is also present in the Dropbox for Ipad.

    When I try to sync 1P on my Ipad to Dropbox, I get this message: "Dropbox sync failed to download remote encryption keys. Make sure Dropbox is fully synced on you desktop".

    My 1P on WinXP is fully synced with Dropbox.

    I have also reset Dropbox Sync on my Ipad and I get stuck at "Loading remote encryption keys..."

    What do you think is wrong?
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