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? Kicks me out ?

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Howdy to all!
I'm totally new to iOS as well as 1Password. Pls trust I'm 3/4 + lost & truly need an all around tutor. (Lol, but true. Any helper bees out there??)

I'm using this app on my iPhone 6+ & iPad 2 mini. Please, what am I doing wrong: I'll be in the middle of some/anything (creating a login & pw to reading my email it even a simple webpage) when suddenly I'm kicked out & totally back to my devices home page. This happens intermittently & without warning.

Also, with the above issue, I can go through the process of tapping the app, re-signing in and it's a toss up if I'll land right back where I was when I was forced out, or, back to the 1PW Logins page...with my original page nowhere to be found.

Am I doing something wrong (settings??) or is there another explanation please? I'm kinda frustrated.

Thank you for help.


  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    No disrespect meant, but I can't help wondering if you are pressing the Home button by accident. Doing that would indeed kick you back to the home screen. You don't seem to be reporting a specific issue with 1Password.

    Maybe you can tell us in step by step detail what's happening?

  • DonibrookDonibrook
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    Kinda Long. I hope you/others don't mind.

    Oh! I can tell you're not being a toad & are offering support. You ask a good question, I wondered that myself-at first. However I'm positive I'm not hitting the Home button.

    Here's the step by step example as you requested:

    I tap 1Pasword, and go to, say, the login for my email. I tap and my email Logon page appears all filled in per 1Password. I tap Sign In or Login etc. I select an email to read, tap and....
    1.). I'm reading for a few minutes & keeping my fingers nowhere near the Home button (lol) suddenly what I'm reading goes poof, that screen is gone and I'm back at my cell phones Home Page.


    2.) I'm I'm my email, see a link I want to follow and I tap. The page comes up just fine... I'm reading, or even interacting...then out of nowhere the same as above happens.

    In either scenario I re-tap 1Password. After using either fingerprint or password verification 1Password will open to either...
    1.) ...the webpage where I was at when I was suddenly booted out,


    2.)...at the 1Password page that holds my not-yet-organized Logins/Icons.

    Also, I think(??) I'm using the 1Password extension with Safari, right from my cell/iPad Home page. I enabled it through the tutorial. I'm just unsure if can tap Safari straight out of the cell Home screen gate or if I must login to 1Password and use the little world icon to use the 1Password browser extension for Safari? Silly question I know. Thanks for indulging me :-D

    Hawkmoth, please know I'm very, VERY skiddish re technology since April, or before. Pls allow me to briefly explain, however please know nothing about my nightmare was brief. You don't have to read this however as it has little to do with me question.

    Nutshell, last fall I found hacking through our cell phones & other android devices. I figured all out as to the how, what, etc. I also discovered how this hack/vulnerability allows for transference to Windows based devices as well as wi-fi enabled printers, et all.

    (FYI: I/we recently changed carriers &have new phone #s, email addys & a LOT more. I/we purchased Apple products for security. I won't allow our laptops to even have their batteries in them. )

    Today this vulnerability/hack is named (partially):

    950+ million android devices are effected. Most ppl are not even aware!

    However as I tried, hard, to get help from fall 2014-April 1, 2015 I was laughed at, called names, asked to leave my own financial establishment and eventually the local sheriff dept was going to arrest me (?for what?!?). Yes, arrest me!! I hadn't done anything wrong, I only TRIED to get help re this hack. I didn't want others to go through the ID theft me and my husband were going through. When The deputy found he couldn't arrest me...he, the "Crisis deputy" asked if I'm depressed & if I hear voices. Yeah, he claimed to know zero re computers, hacks, etc....but knew I was nuts re the 8.5 #s of printouts/samples/examples I brought with me.

    You have NO idea what he & his cohorts did to me!! I'm damaged physically by being denied life sustaining cardiac medications. There's an excellent chance I'll now need More Heart Surgery. This is just the tip of the horrifying nightmare I barely made it through, though NOT unscathed .

    BTW, Yes, I was found VERY sane..zero wrong w/ me mentally. This didn't matter though, nothing mattered (not even a legal PoA for phy & mental healthcare & more).

    Welcome to Texas, where the ones to fear are the good ole boys cops & the ones in their pockets. Not all cops/deputies are bad I'm sure...these were though. I need an attorney to clear my name & address ALL of this.

    Anyway, that was longer then intended, however I wanted you/others to know WHY I'm trying to have super tight security. I never want this to happen to me or anybody again. However I'm slow to catch on insofar as Apple cell phones, iPad and now 1Password to secure my passwords & logins. My health since my nightmare is only fair, im on a 24/7 heart monitor, face surgery & more.

    Security is essential....I chose 1Password based upon many recommendations. I'll trust this app as soon as I can figure out certain things.

    By the way, I do have the Pro Version. My system and all apps are updated.

    Thank you for reading and caring b

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    I don't have any idea why you would be reading and email message or visiting a Webb page and then get tossed after awhile. I'm reasonably confident that this behavior has nothing to do with 1Password, but I'll defer to others who might recognize what's happening to you. I'm a community volunteer, so there is lots I don't know.

    I can comment that tapping on that globe icon within 1Password opens its built in browser, which is tightly integrated with 1Password. But you can also begin from Mobile Safari,and still use 1Password to log in to web pages. You need to activate the extension to do that, and then use that to fill in your credentials. If you haven't read about the Safari extension yet, you can do so on this page.

  • DonibrookDonibrook
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    Thank you very much for your reply. Perhaps I have a setting wrong somewhere. I'm sure it's something simple.

    Re the Safari/browser extension, thank you (I'd already enabled it).

    Thanks again for your help.

  • MrCMrC
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    Perhaps you have a faulty Home button.

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    Perhaps you have a faulty Home button.

    @MrC: My thought as well, but we'll explore a few other things too since there are a number of concerns that need to be addressed.

    Thank you very much for your reply. Perhaps I have a setting wrong somewhere. I'm sure it's something simple.

    @Donibrook: First of all, thanks for reaching out. You've come to the right place! :)

    iOS is very popular for a few reasons, but a believe that chief among them (especially for those of us who give recommendations and do tech support for friends and relatives) are its security and simplicity. Now, there are downsides to both depending on your perspective, but it seems clear from your description that you're glad for the ease of use and security benefits.

    Now, one might wonder where I'm going with all of this, but there are a few fundamental points that stem from these two (security and simplicity):

    • iOS apps are heavily isolated from each other, so when you have your data saved in 1Password, it's not only protected by your Master Password, its data also cannot be accessed by other apps — even unlocked; so it's a safe place to keep your data.
    • The Home button is unique in that it's the only way to get back to your Home Screen on demand. I had a friend with a broken Home button and let me tell you, that really limits what you can do with your iPhone!

    Actually, one question I have is, are you having this spontanous-Home-Screen-problem on both devices — your iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini 2? If so, I suspect that there's something behaviour we're missing that would result in this happening when you use it on both. If not, well then I think that narrows it down to a hardware or software issue on one device. Does this happen when you're using other apps as well (including Safari)?Please let me know what you find!

    The only way to get data out of an iOS app is using the Share mechanism, and even then the options are limited. Similarly, the only other way you'll end up back at the Home Screen (besides pushing the Home button) is if something is crashing. Often, simply restarting the device will resolve the issue, so be sure to try that first! That may stop the spontanous-Home-Screen-problem in its tracks.

    If, however, you continue having this issue, the best thing to do would be to generate a diagnostic report in 1Password Settings > Advanced > Diagnostics (under Log Settings check "App") > Send Diagnostics (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom) and send it to support+forums at agilebits dot com so we can look at the logs to determine exactly what is happening, in case 1Password is just plain crashing on your device(s). And finally, any details you can provide about the exact steps you're taking when this happens may prove useful as well! Just be sure to include a link to this forum thread and your username in the email so we can 'connect the dots'. We will get to the bottom of this! :)

  • DonibrookDonibrook
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    Friends, you ARE the friendliest group I've experienced in years. Thank you for your kindness and patience.

    I will be back ASAP to gain the help you graciously offer. Hopefully tonight I'll log back in.

    I don't want anybody to think I'm rude so I'll share my cardiac & related issues are acting up. I'll find out tomorrow about re-surg. Ugh& Arg too.

    I have used 1Password during this time. Yes the kicking me out & landing me on the home screen happens on both devices. It doesn't matter if I'm using Safari, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I may be in the 1Password area, call up any browser and search or go directly to a URL, app, etc. when this flares up, it's without warning, suddenly the page is gone.

    Once or twice, like a few minutes ago, I get kicked out but find what I was working on in Drafts. That's not the norm though.

    Ohhh, time for more (timed) meds. Black! (Hope I'm not over sharing. Ive found truth, raw as it is, helps explain why I fine and go sometimes)

    Thank you for being.....you. Individuals coming together for the betterment of others (and thank you for that fantastic explanation of iOS!!!)


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    Friends, you ARE the friendliest group I've experienced in years. Thank you for your kindness and patience.

    @Donibrook: Thank you! :blush: :smile: :chuffed:

    I don't want anybody to think I'm rude so I'll share my cardiac & related issues are acting up. I'll find out tomorrow about re-surg. Ugh& Arg too.

    Please take care! No worries about time; we're always here to help, so attend to your health first and 1Password second. ;)

    I actually have an iPad mini 2 myself, and I sometimes experience an issue similar to what you describe, as apps are removed from memory when it gets low. The frequency isn't clear from your description, but if that's happening to you frequently when you're only actively using one or two apps, there may be a deeper problem there. 1Password (and other apps) don't manage the memory themselves; iOS does. So when iOS decides an app needs to go, it's gone.

    So it isn't clear to me if this is a software (iOS, 1Password) or hardware issue, but the diagnostics could help provide some insight. We're here when you need us! :)

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