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Is there a way to protect the use of the extension bar in the browsers? What prevents someone from walking up to my computer and logging into my sites with my stored 1Password identities in Firefox?



  • Go to Preferences, Security. You'll see options there.

    However, if that's insufficient, you may need to lock your computer when you leave it.
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    To a bit more detail to your advice about using 1Password's security settings (Preferences > Security)…

    If "Disable automatic unlock for 1Password" is checked you will always be prompted to enter your master password when opening 1Password. This includes quitting the app and relaunching it.

    Likewise, if "Disable automatic unlock for all applications" is checked you will always be prompted to enter your master password when using one of the browser extensions after a fresh launch of your browser(s).

    So any easy way to keep prying eyes at bay is to leave both of the above settings enabled and quit 1Password and your browsers when you are done using them. Your data will be locked.

    Otherwise, you are relying on the auto-lock settings to secure your data which will either lock your data after X minutes of inactivity, when your Mac begins to sleep, or when the screen saver is activated whichever of the selected options comes first.

    The auto-lock timeout is measured by computer activity and not 1Password activity. In order for 1Password to automatically lock after X minutes, there must be no mouse or keyboard activity for the entire duration.

    To speed up the auto-lock process you might consider the following.

    1. Set an Active Screen Corner for you screen saver and activate the screen saver when stepping away from your Mac (System Preferences > Exposé and Spaces > Exposé > Active Screen Corners).

    2. Close the lid of your Mac laptop to put your Mac to sleep.

    3. Activate the login window when stepping away from your Mac (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Options > "Show fast user switching menu as…")

    The above three options will also secure your entire OS X login if you have enabled "Require password … after sleep or screen saver begins" (System Preferences > Security > General). You are using a good, unique password for your OS X login, aren't you? :-)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

    We are always here to help!
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