Using 1Password for Bookmarks

Any way to do this?
Probably a stupid question - but does a website/webpage have to have a login to be saved in 1Password? Can I use 1Password for all of my bookmarks somehow so everything is in one spot? Thanks,


  • khad
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    Welcome to the forums, lasvegascfp!

    You can certainly use 1Password Login items to store URLs without entering a username or password.

    I have never tried to use it in this manner, but I can't think offhand of any problems you would run into doing this. I guess it would just be a bit of a pain to save a new one since only "real" Login items (with a username/password) are saved via the browser extensions. You would need to open the main 1Password window and manually enter the URL in a new Login item to merely save a "bookmark." Not the most convenient set up, in my opinion, but please let me know if you try this. I am curious to see how it goes.

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