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Dear friends,

I am an extremely happy user of 1Password for Mac and for iOS. (And a convinced advocate to ;)

But I would like to make a suggestion to 1Password team to add a new Category in your App. Here in Europe, everyone, EVERYONE have a SIM (micro, nano, etc) card in their Phone. Each one of this SIM's have a PIN number, and an unblock PUK number which is written in this plastic card that most of us can easily loose. Since EVERYONE needs to have their PUK number saved, wouldn't be useful to add a SIM-PUK section in 1Password so we can all easily fill the form and forget about the plastic card, instead of having to manually create a new login/secret note like we have to do now?

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  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @catalonia,

    Thank you for your suggestion! And thanks for being a "convinced advocate" of 1Password - we truly appreciate it! :)

    We receive a lot of requests for additional categories in 1Password, so you're certainly not alone. I can't make any promises of course, but I'll be happy to pass your comments along to our developers. Hopefully we'll be able to add more categories (or perhaps the ability to add custom categories) in a future release.

    In the meantime, we usually suggest storing data like that in Secure Notes, although you can certainly experiment with different item types to see if something else is a better fit.

    Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need anything else - we're here for you! :)

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