my 1 password has disappeared from my mac

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we purchased this program about 2 years ago - it was working fine and then it disappeared completely form the mac - we did get an email about a trial offer ending but ours was not a trial - we had a license agreement

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  • Stephen_C
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    Do you recall what version of 1Password you were using? What happens if you make a Spotlight search, on your Mac, for 1Password? Is there a 1Password app in your Applications folder?

    The "trial expired" message will not itself will never lead to your 1P app "disappearing" (and you wouldn't have received an email about expiry of the the trial—only a message from the 1P app itself). Expiry of the trial won't even prevent you accessing the data you put into 1P during the trial. See, generally, this knowledge base article:

    “Trial Expired” notice (Mac)

    In essence, I think we really need more information in order to help you.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @jonvincent,

    As Stephen_C has covered but that I also want to state officially, our trial will never result in the loss of data or program - that's tantamount to blackmail and just not cool. There's a few other ways of stating that but we'll go with the nice clean version.

    If the program is no longer where it should be it could suggest an accidental deletion, either of the actual program or maybe just the dock icon. The first thing to do is try looking for 1Password in Spotlight and see if the Mac finds it. If it doesn't you're free to re-download the application from our AgileBits Download page. As your vault and the application are separate there's no reason to expect your vault isn't safe.

    I've also resent your 1Password 5 licence to you and if 1Password is saying it's in trial mode you will simply want to follow the instructions to have your licence applied.

    Hopefully this gets you up and running again but if it doesn't please do let us know.

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