How do I switch back to Firefox v.40 from v.40.01b? The latest beta version disabled 1Password.

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Your own site says for now to go back to v.40 of Firefox so that my 1Password will be enabled again.
How do I switch back?

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hello @fieldmouse,

    If you're a 1Password 4/5 user.

    If you're running the beta version of Firefox which I think is now at version 41 then you might have come across the insistence that extensions are signed. You are correct that returning to the stable version would resolve this. It's as simple as dragging the current copy of Firefox from your /Applications/ folder to the Trash and downloading a fresh copy of Firefox. This is one of those times were the encapsulation of the applications is really nice.

    If you're a 1Password 3 user.

    Returning to Firefox 40 won't help you I'm afraid as the extension doesn't work for very different reasons. This page, 1Password 3 extension missing in Firefox 40 or later will help here.

    I'm not sure which covers your situation so please do let us know if you're still having problems but we'll need to know a bit more about what you're running.

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