Double charge and upgrade problems

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August 23, 2015

Dear Awesome Customer Support Team,

In my experience long ago, your company customer support is one of the very best in the business -- so thank you again for quick answers to these questions. :)

Why is it that I was charged yet again for probably $34.95 (or possibly $39.95) for a Family update for 1Password 5 that was successfully installed on my wife's computer and iPhone 6 six months ago?

I am still stuck with 1Password 3 on my desktop and phone (aargh), despite repeated frustrated efforts to upgrade after paying for subsequent upgrade updates. The 1 Password upgrades just never succeed in installing on my 5-year-old desktop iMac (upgraded to Yosemite 10.10.4).....or. very unfortunately, my fully up-to-date. 7-month-old iPhone 6-plus. (They just result in big question marks (i.e., ?) on the Nav Bar.

It could well be my computer lack of expertise. It probably is my idiocy so I beg your forgiveness and thank you triply in advance :)

If you send directions and a rebate, I'd be indebted and extremelycappreciative. :p

Gratefully in advance,
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My password ...not Google's...the precise 1Password one I selected upon enrolling has been constant for seven years

Thanks again so very much for what you might do to help me solve this conundrum!. :'(

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  • Stephen_C
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    @Dan68 as your problems seem more related to 1P for Mac than 1P for iOS (although I accept they relate to both) I've moved your post from the 1P for iOS forum to the 1P for Mac forum where I believe you'll get more help.

    Edit: I've also edited the title to your post so that people can see the problem at glance when browsing threads.


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Dan68,

    I'm going to contact you in just a moment via email. I find the forums are a great way to reach our customers but if anything of even a sightly personal nature requires discussion we move to email so that it's kept private. That's why I removed your details from your post so that they aren't visible to everyone. We should be able to get this all resolved for you in an efficient manner :smile:

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