I have the license #, not the email, and new laptop.

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I have the license #, not the email, and new laptop. Purchased from AB but can't find where to insert license #. Licensed by my spouse & used on both of our Macs and iPads. Is there a limit to devices that is affecting this? Thanks

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    License numbers were used to authenticate copies of 1Password 3, but when 1Password 4 came out, the license number was replaced by a license file that needs to be applied to register a copy. It sounds like you have a license number for version 3 that you are trying to find how to apply to a later version. Can you tell us what version you have on this new laptop?

    You can retrieve your license information by entering the email you used to buy your license at the very bottom of the main AgileBits Support Page. That will result in a new email message with your information.

    Now, 1Password 4 was a paid upgrade from version 3, unless you bought it in 2013. 1Password 5 is a free upgrade to licensed users of version 4. You can still use 1Password 3 on your new machine, if you want to, although you'll be missing out on some nice new features if you decide to do so. That's your choice, of course, and there is no long term guarantee that it will continue to work as OS updates come along. You can download a fresh copy of 1Password 3.8.22 in the legacy section at the bottom of the AgileBits Download Page. Your license number will register that.

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    Hi @johnkautzman,

    @hawkmoth's reply above is spot-on; hopefully that helped clarify a solution for you.

    I searched our sales database by your email address and found a Mac + Windows Bundle license from 2011, which includes a license for 1Password 3 for Mac. However, I suspect you may have downloaded 1Password 5 from our website, which would not have a place to enter a license key because, as hawkmoth mentioned, version 5 (as well as 4) is licensed with a file rather than a key. If you (or your wife) have purchased a license for 1Password 5, there should be a link in the license & receipt email from us which says "Click here to apply your 1Password license." When you click that link (with 1Password 5 running and unlocked), it will open a page in your default browser which automatically downloads and applies your license to 1Password.

    If you have any further questions, we'll be more than happy to help, but we'll want to know what version of 1Password you're running so we can give you more accurate and specific information. Thanks!

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