IOS v5 vs. MAC v4

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Hello. I am using 1password v4 (the free version) at work since I am not allowed to use personal apps on the computer. I have also 1password on my phone where I purchased the app so I could have multiple vaults. This allowed me keep work and personal separate. I accidentally upgraded my work to v5 and it is asking me to pay for this version. I cannot pay for this upgrade and need to go back to v4. How do I do this and still be able to use the same passwords on my phone?

Phone: iphone v5.5

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    Hi @nbahnij,

    I'm sorry to say 1Password 4 for Mac was not intended to be free beyond a 30-day trial; there was a bug in the software that allowed some users to continue using the trial indefinitely without being prompted to apply a license. You can download 1Password 4 from the Legacy section at the bottom of our Downloads page, but it may prompt you for a license as well. We definitely recommend using version 5 if you can, as it contains many important bug fixes and improved functionality.

    With the trial expired on your Mac, it's now in Restricted mode. You'll still be able to use your existing logins, but you won't be able to add or edit items. We'll never lock you out of your vault or take away your passwords (as long as you don't forget your Master Password!), but you'll lose the more advanced organizing functions until you apply a license.

    It's certainly our hope that you'll find 1Password valuable enough to pay for; after all, if we don't charge for our software, we can't afford to keep making it.

    ref: NVM-36841-183

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