Can Smart folders and tags co-exist?

Can tags and smart folders co-exist or CNA you only have one of the other?

1Password Version: Latest
Extension Version: Latest
OS Version: Latest non-beta
Sync Type: iCloud


  • You can by all means use both: I do, with 1P5.


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    Hi @rlgleason51,

    I hope Stephen_C's concise response helped, if you have any further questions on folders and tags do please ask :smile:

  • Thanks. Will give them a try. Trying to expand my use of 1P5. Getting my ideas from this forum. Keep up the good work.

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    Hello @rlgleason51,

    I first came to these forums as a customer with a question and I too stayed due to everything I was learning. If we can help you use 1Password productively (not entirely sure that's the right term but hopefully you understand what I mean) then we're all for it :smile:

    I think when it comes to Smart Folders the best way to view them isn't with the term we use but instead think of them as Saved Searches where the search could be filtering on tags themselves. Useful Saved Searches that I keep around include do any items have conflicts present from syncing, do I have items with attachments and in one vault, do I have any untagged items which was important at the time.

  • Just created my saved search for number of attachments. Having done that, I can see where it would be very useful --- if it was not limited to just on the Mac. Please add my voice to the choir about adding the function to the iOS version. In fact, I would like the two platforms be in total sync regarding capability.

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    Hi @rlgleason51,

    I can certainly see why it would be advantageous to have Smart Folders on other platforms. The issue certainly isn't with syncing as Smart Folders do sync between copies of 1Password for Mac, the issue is we leverage OS X for that entire feature and the other platforms don't offer something similar. What would be needed is to ditch Smart Folders as we know it and start over with a cross-platform solutions. I shall certainly add your vote though.

  • Thanks. As it stands, I just added a tag called 'atachments' for iOS.

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    Greetings @rlgleason51,

    Which you can easily update by leveraging both Smart Folders and a neat way of adding a tag to multiple items :smile: My thinking is.

    1. Create a Smart Folder on your Mac that displays all items with an attachment and save for future use.
    2. When you want to update the tags select the entire results list displayed when you select the Smart Folder and drag it on top of the attachments tag in the Sidebar. This will do nothing to the items that have the tag but add the tag to all those items that don't have it.

    Obviously not as elegant as having a cross-platform Saved Search/Smart Folder but hopefully makes it a bit easier :smile:

  • What a neat idea. I neve would have thought ...thanks.

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  • I really wish that Smart Folders, tags, and folders were organized like in iTunes/iPhoto/etc. That is, they are always sorted alphabetically and in the order of: Folders, Smart Folders, Tags. And items nested inside folders, are likewise sorted by Folder, Smart Folder, Tag. Rather than having one huge jumble like we do now.

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    @HenryY: Indeed. I've already replied to you in a similar thread, but hopefully we'll be able to come up with a good solution in 1Password to make this easier for you in the future. Thanks again for the suggestion! :)

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