how do I set up a master password after downloading the app

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I have purchased a license and downloaded the 1password app, but it never had me pick a master password. It then takes me right to the app where I need to type in a master password. How do I create one?

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    Hi @lmolander,

    If you're already being prompted to enter a Master Password, it sounds like the app found an existing 1Password vault on your computer (or perhaps in your Dropbox?), so either you or someone else has used 1Password before and created a Master Password at that time. However, if you'd like to erase that data and start fresh with an empty vault (and create a new Master Password), we have a great guide to walk you through that here:

    How do I start over with an empty vault?

    Give it a shot, and do let us know if you get stuck or have any questions along the way. We're here for you! :)

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