How do I integrate 1 Password and 1 Password 5 so that I am using only one of the apps?

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I have both 1 Password and 1 Password 5 on my Mac. I am also using an iOS version on my iPhone and my iPad. I want to unify my 1 Password program and eliminate the extra app. Can you assist me?

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OS Version: OSX 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • littlebobbytables

    Hello @MFuro,

    Do the two copies look very similar? If they do then it's likely you purchased 1Password for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store but that you have both the Mac App Store version and AgileBits Store version on your system.

    Now they do keep their data in separate locations so it is possible for the two to end up with vaults that have diverged. I think the easiest way to check would be the following.

    1. Launch the 1Password copy.
    2. Select All Items from the Sidebar.
    3. Order your vault by Date Modified in the Item List.
    4. Make a note of the total number of items and the most recently modified items in this vault.
    5. Quit 1Password using the keyboard shortcut ⌃⌘Q.
    6. Launch the 1Password 5 copy.
    7. Follow steps 2-4 again.

    How do these two vaults compare?

    If they're the same then you can simply drag the 1Password 5 application to your Trash and keep the 1Password application.

    If they're different we'll have to merge the two before we can proceed. Let us know if this is the case and we'll help with this. Of course if it turns out the differences are really minor i.e. 1-2 items are slightly different you may find manually copying the changes over is a lot quicker. We'll be here if you need help though :smile:

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