Moving my vault to different dropbox accounts

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I currently have my vault in one dropbox account and I would like to move it to either my iCloud Drive account or a different Dropbox account. Is this possible?

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  • Mystery_Man
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    Hello Wfarino. To synchronise a vault on a Mac via iCloud requires the Mac app store version [and purchase]. If you use that version it is very possible and feasible. Conversely, if you use the version directly from the AgileBits website iCloud synchronisation is not an option. I am unable to assist you further because I do not know what version of 1Password you are using on which platform. If you disclose that information I will be glad to be of greater service.

  • Vee_AG
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    Hi @wfarino,

    You haven't provided your 1Password version number, so my response will be based on the assumption you're using 1Password 5 for Mac. Please let us know if that is not the case.

    This support article should help you switch to iCloud sync if you'd like to:

    How do I switch to iCloud sync if I’m already syncing with Dropbox or Wi-Fi?

    Or, to sync via a different Dropbox account:

    • Go to 1Password > Preferences... > Sync
    • Select "Sync vault with: None"
    • Make sure the Dropbox account you want to switch to is linked to the Dropbox app on your computer (check Dropbox account preferences)
    • Select "Sync vault with: Dropbox" and select the folder where you want 1Password to create a new .agilekeychain sync file
    • You can then delete the old .agilekeychain from the place you were previously syncing to, if you want

    Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask, but do please let us know what version(s) of 1Password you're using so we can give you accurate, specific answers. Thanks!

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