Extention on Chrome Managed computer at work vs. Home computer using Chrome

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At work my computer is managed but I use Chrome which looks the same at home or work. I use the 1 Password extension (Using v.5) at home. It shows up at work, too. Chrome is always searching for the app, which sadly I am not allowed to download and use. How do I keep Chrome on my work computer from asking for the app. right now I am removing at work and reinstalling at home. A bit clunky, I'd say. But I am willing because I love me my 1Password!!!!

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1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: wireless from home computer to iphone
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  • littlebobbytables

    Hello @blc757330,

    You can instruct Chrome to not sync extensions if you like whilst syncing everything else. This setting can be found in chrome://settings/syncSetup. You will need to switch it from Sync everything to Choose what to sync and then deselecting Extensions should be all you need to do. Extensions should continue to update, I would assume that is very separate from this sync but should you install or remove an extension in one place you will then have to manually repeat elsewhere.

    I hope that helps.

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