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I installed version 3.8.22 on a new iMac. It will not take additional credentials and prompts me for the license. It does not take the license that my other Macs are using. You do not appear to support checking a license for issues when I email Dave which was the single contact you seem to make available to your customers. There has been a lot of time involved on this and your support in directing al issues to a forum is not great in my opinion. If I need to get a new version or something which would not be so surprising I will look at your competition for this reason alone. Otherwise it has run good. I am an Apple Developer.

1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • SSatAgilbits
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    OSX 10.10.5 (14F27)

  • danco
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    What version are your other Macs using? If they are using version 3 the same licence key should work fine, I've never heard of any problems there. There is always the possibility that you have typed the licence wrong.

    If your other Macs are using version 5, then why are you not using version 5 on this new Mac?

    There was a change in licence format between 1PW3 and 1PW4. So if you are using 1PW5 (or 4) on the other Macs and somehow need to use 1PW3 on this machine then you need to ask for a 1PW3 licence.

    The forum works fine, as all posts get responded to by AgileBits staff (I'm just an experienced user). They find forums work faster and better than email, as one reply often provides the answer for several people and also answers often get given by users before the staff can get to the issue.

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    Hi @SSatAgilbits,

    Our forums here are monitored by AgileBits support almost 24/7, and we also have helpful Community Moderators like danco who volunteer their time to help customers like yourself. In most cases, we can help you just as quickly in the support forums as via email ( But we do work from oldest to newest in the forums, and as you can see they're pretty active lately, so it

    Email replies to our newsletter do not go directly into the support queue, but I was able to find yours and I have sent your 1Password 3 for Mac license key to you there (so as not to post it here in the public forum). Feel free to reply here or reply to my email if there's anything else we can help you with. Thank you! :)

  • @SSatAgilbits Something that makes forums extremely valuable, in addition to what danco said, is the element of indexing for other users. If there's a common issue, they can read up on it or hop in the discussion to help out. This often helps people out faster than traditional support methods. :)

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    Thanks @penderworth! :)

    Indeed, we're encouraging use of our support forums as our first line of customer communication as that lets us to communicate with multiple customers at once, allows customers to search for answers (it's often easier to find an existing solution here than to write out a new message), and is usually faster than email support. But (for anyone reading this), if you'd prefer a more private means of communication with our support team, you can email us at:

    @SSatAgilbits, I see that Vee has replied to your email. To avoid confusion, I'll close this thread and if you have more questions about your license, you can reply to Vee's email and we'll keep the conversation going there. Thanks! :)

    ref: GEQ-65231-264

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