I just purchased the most recent version and can't install it on my Mac desktop

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I just bought the most recent version of 1Password for about $25 if I recall. I had an earlier version. But, it is not upgrading on my Mac laptop and desktop. I am wondering if I bought an iOS version not the one for my Mac laptop and desktop. Thanks James Moline

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  • danco
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    That price would be either for an upgrade licence or during a sale.

    What's the problem? There are actually three steps, and it's not clear where you have the problem.

    1. Download 1PW (from AgileBits or the Mac App Store, depending on where you bought it).

    2. Assuming you bought from AgileBits, apply the licence. If from the App Store, then there is no licence needed, but in order to download you need to be logged in with the Apple ID you used for purchase.

    3. Point 1PW at the old vault (that's the name for your database of passwords).

  • Vee_AG
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    @danco is exactly right. Please let us know if you have any more questions or need any more help getting set up. We're here for you!

    This user guide may help you along the way, as well: 1Password 5 for Mac

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