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I am not using OS X Yosemite on my Mac and I am hesitant to upgrade it. So I am on OS X 10.9. I had to download a legacy version of 1Password for the 30-day trial. If I purchase a Mac / Windows license pack, will that license work with the legacy version of the software or will I then need to upgrade to OS X Yosemite and use the latest version of 1Password?

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  • danco
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    Yes, the same licence file works for 1PW5 and 1PW4. So the bundle licence will say it is for 1PW5 on the Mac but can be used on 4.

    Why are you hesitant to upgrade? Though I am not sure you can upgrade to Yosemite any longer, it may have to be El Capitan, and El C is so new there are good reasons not to upgrade.

  • wkparry
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    I have heard so many negative reviews of Yosemite that it makes me hesitant. Even in the Mac app store the reviews are not good. I wonder if this is just people not liking change or if there are legitimate reasons to be less happy with Yosemite than a prior version of the OS.

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hello @wkparry,

    There were a few quirks, there typically are in any .0 release but it hasn't been a terrible version of OS X that some make it out to be. I think many of the complaints come down to visual changes and while they were a bit of a shock at the start I actually found I grew used to them sufficiently that returning to Mavericks felt like an assault on the senses.

    Of course now the question is do you skip Yosemite and move to El Capitan now that it has been released. Personally if you're going to upgrade I would probably recommend that although if you're concerned at all wait for 10.11.1 as they sort out any immediate teething issues.

    Something else I absolutely love about Macs. If you have an external drive that you don't mind wiping you could install OS X onto it and leave your internal drive alone. Basically test the new version while not risking your internal drive :smile:

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