I can't remember my master password!

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I have a password of 4 numbers to enter Password. I have been worrying about back up of all my passwords so I decided to Sync with Dropbox. To do this I had to put in my iPhone Master Password. I put in the 4 numbers I open my phone with but got message wrong password. I then tried the 4 numbers I use to enter 1Password and was told that was wrong. I have now had 5 tries but am worried if I try too often I will doe more damage. ALSO, my app is crashing a lot and I hit the button "send report". I don't know if these two things are related. It is a wonderful app and I hope I can still use it. Help!

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 3.9.20
OS Version: OS X Yosemite
Sync Type: Dropbox?
Referrer: kb-search:Want to sync with Dropbox but asked for Master Password and says it is wrong!, kb:how-safe-is-cloud-sync, kb:defense-against-crackers, kb-search:I can't remember my Master Password, kb:forgot-master-password


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    Hi @Suzy,

    Rest assured that you can try as many times as you need to to try to get your Master Password correct without fear of damaging your data.

    We do this because for your privacy and security, your Master Password is known only by you. We cannot reset it for you and you cannot change it without entering the old one. There is also no "back door" to access your data without the Master Password. If there were, that would be a security hole that could be exploited to gain access to your secure information.

    We have published a troubleshooting guide in our Knowledgebase that will help you try to recover the password, or figure out what to do next:

    If you’re entering your Master Password but it’s not being accepted, we have another guide that may help you:

    Hopefully this will help and you will be able to get back into your data soon.

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