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Hi - I use 1P for Mac (10.10.5), with Safari, and 1P just overwrote a long password + security sequence. Very frustrating!

I created an account on a webpage, and 1P offered to save it, so I let it. Safari also offered to save the password - I said "never for this website". I re-entered the website via an email link they sent me, logged in using the password I'd (manually) generated, and the website offered to let me set up security questions. Since it knows my credit card, I said "yes".

I entered some random characters for each of the questions it asked, and recorded these manually in my 1P entry for this site. I'd created a new section, called "Security Questions", and added the text of the questions as a label, and my pseudo-random strings as the value of those fields. After two questions, I manually saved the 1P entry.

Then 1P offered to let me update my entry. I made the mistake of allowing it to update the entry I'd just manually saved -- it then over-wrote my 1P entry, almost b0rking the whole entry. 1P did save the previous password, but over-wrote the still-current password entry with one of the security question answers, and used that value to Upon inspection, this was because the Answer label had this js form (from Safari Inspector)

The type "password" legitimately confused 1P, but I'm still unhappy because 1P
(1) overwrote a manually saved entry, and did NOT stick it in the Trash, as expected, and
(2) overwrote the second Security question entry, which looked similar to the js for the above.

Is (1) a bug? It may well be a bug, imho. (2) might be a bug in the website.


1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: 4.4.4
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: dropbox


  • @castellan - Are you saying that when 1Password saved that new entry it also over-wrote all those security questions answers? It should just update the password and save the previous password in the history. Could I have the URL of this site to test this out? Thanks!

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