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Low priority compared to other issues found here ... but there seems to be a glitch in 1Password Mac when adding icons to new software license entries. In the past, I could drag/drop the program's icon file (e.g. program.icns) to 1Password license entries and it would show up as expected. Since these icons have transparent backgrounds, the image was always clean. Now there seems to be a gray background of sorts that appears and I can't get rid of it. Again, not a deal breaker, but it makes things look sloppy. I have screen shots that illustrate what I am talking about:

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Seattle Expat

1Password Version: 5.4 (540046)
Extension Version: Mac App Store
OS Version: 10.11
Sync Type: DropBox
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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hello @seattle_expat,

    So I can see exactly what you're saying based on the image you helpfully supplied. Now I myself am also a VMware Fusion user myself so I did a bit of testing. I created a test Software Licence item with a nonsense name so that the Rich Icon wasn't pulled down and in edit mode I tried the following.

    1. Dragging the entire application to the icon placeholder.
    2. Pulling up the Info window ⌘I for the application and using ⌘C and ⌘V to copy the icon from there and paste into the 1Password item.
    3. Delving into the Package Contents, I found the fusion.icns file and drag and dropped that.

    Now in all three cases I got no grey background like you did. For a moment I wondered if this was some oddity with El Capitan as I'm still running Yosemite but I am running the 1Password beta which is from our AgileBits Store. Switching to the Mac App Store wasn't enough, I still couldn't see the grey background on the item I'd been testing on until I deleted and repeated all of the above. I believe that whatever this is it is specific to when the icon is set and only in the Mac App Store version. Now why on earth there is a difference at all between the two I don't know.

    Now we do store the icon for VMware Fusion on our server so if you have Rich Icons enabled and the title of your Software Licence item is VMware Fusion then it should pick up the icon itself, as long as you don't set a custom icon as a user set icon overrides the Rich Icon. What I'm wondering is that Rich Icon, does it also have this grey background as it doesn't for me. Now if you don't like our Rich Icon feature then this suggestion won't be much use but I thought I would put it out there just in case :smile:

    I've added your query and my observations to the bug report.

    ref: OPM-1478

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