Can I start over without affecting shared vaults?

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I share a vault with my whole company. I can remember the password for that vault but can't remember the password for my primary vault. If I start over will it affect the vault my company shares? The keychain for that vault is saved in dropbox. Sorry I'm not tremendously tech savvy. ELI5

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  • Hey @MattB83,

    You can definitely do this without affecting your primary vault. Simply follow this guide and add back the Dropbox vault when you're done. If you're currently syncing your vault to Dropbox as well, just make sure to remove it or remove it from your Dropbox before you start using 1Password again. Make sure not to touch your company's vault in Dropbox, whatever you do. :) No need to poke people.

    Let us know if you have any questions about this.

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