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Integration with other iOS apps

Apple does not allow this
My banks have apps that I use to access my accounts, rather than Mobile Safari. Is it possible to my passwords into those apps?



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    Hello WSH and welcome to the Forums!

    1Password cannot integrate with other applications on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) because each of these applications are treated as 'Sandboxes' by iOS and so there's no communications between the different apps. Therefore, there is no way for 1Password to fill your details within other apps.

    I use apps from my financial institutions too, and I wish we could both have 1P fill the data. Unfortunately, it's Apple's decision not to allow that functionality at this time. It does provide a great security measure for our devices, but in instances like ours, it can be a pain.

    Nevertheless, you can multi-task and do the copy/paste thing, like I do.

    Sorry I didn't have a better answer for you.


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    You are correct, Brandt. Third-party integration between any two third-party iOS apps may never be possible as part of the security model Apple has in place in iOS involves segregating apps from each other within the system (often called "sandboxing"). This is great from a security standpoint — no bad guys can hijack Mobile Safari like they have Internet Explorer on WIndows machines in the past — but it also makes integrating 1Password impossible. :-(

    If you are looking for integration with Mobile Safari, we do have a couple ways to make your life a bit easier. While the "1Password Logins" bookmarklet is exclusive to 1Password for Mac, the "Look Up in 1Password" bookmarklet (iPhone) (iPad) is self-contained and works with 1Password for iPhone, 1Password for iPad, and 1Password Pro regardless of whether or not you have 1Password installed on any desktop computer. :-)

    Unfortunately, as Brandt mentioned, this is something that is truly beyond our control and not available from any other iOS app in the App Store either. We are working at making 1Password and its built-in browser even better (for web Logins), but aside from copy and paste, there is not much more we can offer in the way of integration with other iOS apps unless the situation changes.
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