Want to purchase 1P5 from Mac App Store, but when will 1P6 release?

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Hi! I want to purchase 1Password5 from Mac App Store, but I'm afraid that 1P6 will release very soon and pay another bill for upgrade?

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  • danco
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    Possible but unlikely. AgileBits don't give any information on possible future updates. However, 1PW5 works well enough on El Capitan that I expect there will be 5.x updates for some time. All this is just a user's opinion.

    Do you insist on iCloud sync (there's no technical reason to do so)? If not, buy direct from AgileBits and when there is a paid upgrade you will get a discount. Currently, Apple's rules don't allow such a discount on items from the App Store.

  • Jacob
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    Hey @Autonomous! As danco noted, we do not talk about our future plans. All I can say is 1Password 4 was a free upgrade to 5, and all the updates of version 5 have been free as well. Our upgrade policy for users of 1Password 3 to upgrade to 1Password 4 was that it was a paid upgrade. However, people who purchased the app in 2013 were given free upgrades.

    You can read this article for a bit more info. I know that doesn't answer your question, but we want to have some surprises for you! ;)

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    Thanks! well, it's very important for me to sync vault via iCloud (because dropbox syncing have been blocked in China, and wifi sync is not stable enough), i'd like to purchase ipw5 in Mac App Store and desire for a free update to 6 in the future !

  • @Autonomous That's quite understandable. Feel free to purchase the app whenever you're comfortable. :) Let us know if you have any questions about getting things set up or anything else.

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