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My wife installed 1password, made a password and never used it to enter anything into 1 password.
She cannot remember her master password.

i would like to WIPE all 1 password files and download and do a FRESH install of 1password and I will make her write her password down this time! we do not want to create a NEW VAULT ...we want to use the entire program and as she enterred NO passwords we are not losing any date.

i used Clean my mac to remove 1 password but on fresh install it still ask for her old password !!!!! WHY?????

Do I have to reformat her hard drive to get a fresh install of 1 password?

Thank you


1Password Version: Not Provided
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OS Version: osx el captain
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  • hawkmoth
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    Follow these directions: How do I start over with an empty vault?

    I hope your application cleaner didn't do something to make this difficult. Also, be sure to notice that there are two alternatives in the directions, depending on where your copy of 1Password came from. Follow the one that's appropriate to your case.

  • AGMarshall
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    @drsoram As hawkmoth mentioned, simply follow the instructions outlined in the link he provided to start over.

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