Setting up Multiple Dropbox Synced Vaults

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I am trying to setup 1Password on a second Mac. I currently have two vaults syncing via dropbox (Primary and "Archieved") to 1 Mac & 1 iPhone. I was trying to setup a 2nd Mac. I was successful in installing 1Password and when launched it said that it found my vault in Dropbox and asked if I wanted to open it. This worked well and now my Primary vault is syncing as desired.

However, my Archieve vault is not. It syncs between my original mac and my phone, but I cannot find a way to set the secondary vault up on the new mac. When I go into the dropbox folder and double click to open the Archieve Vault, it opens my primary instead and there's no option to be found that lets me Open another existing vault. How do I do this?

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  • calguy
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    You can do this by using "Switch to Vault…", which is found under the 1Password menu (where you find its Preferences, etc.). You can also initiate the switch before logging in to 1Password.

    If the secondary vault has never been synced, go to 1Password>Preferences>Sync and go through the process to sync the new vault. Then you can use the above to switch. It also seems that 1Password 5 remembers the last vault you chose and that one should be the one to ask for the password the next time the application is opened.

  • Drew_AG
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    Thanks for the assist, @calguy! :)

    @JasonMcCurdy, as calguy said, check the 1Password menu in the main app to see if it has a Switch to Vault option. If it doesn't, then you only have a Primary vault set up on that Mac. But if you see that option, you can use that to switch to the other vault to see if it's your "Archieved" vault.

    Similarly, if you open the Preferences in the main 1Password app and select the Sync tab, it will list each vault on that Mac and how each vault is currently syncing.

    Now, if you only have the Primary vault on your 2nd Mac, double-clicking the keychain file for your "Archieved" vault in your Dropbox folder should cause 1Password to prompt you to add that as a secondary vault. If that's not happening, and if you only have the Primary vault set up on the 2nd Mac, it will help if you can let us know the following:

    • What version of Mac OS X are you running on each Mac?
    • What exact version of the 1Password app is installed on each Mac?
    • Are you using the AgileBits Store version or the Mac App Store version of 1Password?
    • On the 1st Mac, open 1Password and go to Preferences > Sync, then check each vault listed on the left. Are they both set to sync with Dropbox? If so, what is the file path shown for each one, and what is the name of the keychain file in Dropbox?
    • On the 2nd Mac, check the same sync settings. Do you see just the Primary vault? What is the file path & name of the keychain file in Dropbox?


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