Visa card exposed

I'm new to 1P and love it. I'm curious about my first Visa card entry. In the column on the left side, my Visa card number displays as 1234 XXXX 5678 (not real), but on the right hand side, the full number is exposed.... I'm curious why?... in all other categories... serial numbers or 'sensitive' info is masked.... but my Visa card number is right there for anyone to see?.... Maybe there is a way that I don't know about?

1Password Version: Trial
Extension Version: 5.4.1
OS Version: El Capitan
Sync Type: non


  • brentybrenty

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    @Tbanger9: That's correct when you select an item to view, well...1Password will show it to you. Weirdly, all of my serial numbers are displayed. In the case of Credit Card items, the CVV number is hidden, just as the password will be in a Login item.

    The idea is that most of the information will be readily accessible to you when you select the item (and therefore it must be decrypted by 1Password) to view or edit, but not all of it is visible. So for example someone won't be able to login to your account without the password, or use the credit card without the CVV, etc. I hope this helps! :)

  • ok, thanks.... that makes sense.... I just would have thought, the card number would be more crucial than the 3 digit CCV. I still love 1Password....

  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @Tbanger9,

    I just would have thought, the card number would be more crucial than the 3 digit CCV.

    Since your vault is secured by your Master Password, all your credit card info is nice and safe from anyone else. If you're in a public place and using your computer, just think of it as the same as if you were to pull out that card — the CCV is on the back of it, not the front. Of course, when you fill fields on the web most do not make any credit card info private. ;) Hope that makes sense.

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