Questions regarding 1Password, Knox and a few suggestions.

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As far as I can remember, I have purchased 1Password and Knox a few months ago or probably last year and I haven't used Knox that much. Probably because it doesn't integrate with 1Password at all. Also, it only works on a Mac, I think.

Another thing, I have no idea how to properly use it. Although, I think it is a tool to encrypt a file or a group or files (probably with folders) for additional security, right?

As for a few suggestions, it would be great if I can change the "Vault" name and the icon (really useful since I have a lot of them). Also, when adding up a new "Vault" by default, it should sync with the method that I preferred. For example, through Dropbox. The new "Vault" should automatically appear as well, like for example, under 1Password for iOS. Because it makes me confused and forget that I have this new "Vault" and I'd have to add it manually.

I also noticed that there is a feature called, "Remove redundant passwords" and "Optimize database", is it possible to apply those 2 commands to all of the vaults all at the same time?

Let me know what you guys think.


1Password Version: 5.4.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.11.1
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Greetings @ItsAdventureTime,

    So your memory serves you well, you're licensed for 1Password on Windows and Mac and for Knox too.

    The best way to view Knox is like a manager for encrypted disk images. Disk images are something that OS X does and Knox taps into this to try and offer a more UI friendly approach. So that's probably the largest reason Knox is OS X only - we're leveraging the OS. On the plus side it means you shouldn't need Knox on another Mac to access the encrypted disk image. So what is an encrypted disk image? It's a bundle of files specially handled by OS X and they're treated like a storage device. You mount the image and then the contents become accessible. While mounted it's like a drive, you can read and write to it just like the SSD or hard drive in your Mac and you can dismount the image. The encryption means the contents are only accessible after supplying the correct password to unlock the image. The way it can compliment 1Password is that you are limited to what you can attach to an item in a 1Password vault. If you need to secure a large number of files, folders or even files larger than 5MB then an encrypted disk image is a much better route. If you need to edit the files but keep them secure then a encrypted disk image is also the way to go. Hopefully that helps makes sense of Knox.

    We do see requests to allow the changing of the vault name and icon although this would only be local given the information isn't stored in the Agile Keychain. Still, I think even locally changing it would be an improvement over what we currently have and I've added your voice to see this happen.

    ref: OPM-3117

    I can ask about automating syncing but I'm thinking there will be strong resistance to this. Unless done very carefully we risk going from your data is only stored where you tell 1Password to store it to the opposite end of the spectrum and we do have a number of people that like 1Password because we don't do anything unless explicitly instructed to do so. Some users go to great efforts to avoid cloud services or want only certain vaults stored there and it gets tricky when you start introducing any sort of automation. I'm not saying no, that decision is for others to make but my gut feeling is there would need to be a convincing argument made that a significant number of people wanted to see this given what the change represents. I can see why it would useful for you and I'm sure there are others that would agree, but I do expect a number would say they don't want to see it too.

    As for the last request/question. It isn't possible at the moment and I don't know if there is a reason it couldn't be although I wouldn't expect you should be needing these that often. If 1Password is doing it's job properly you shouldn't have a reoccurring build up of redundant Password items with corresponding Login items, which is what it is referring to. Likewise I don't believe the Optimise Database menu option is viewed as part of regular maintenance but more if advised that it might help. Still, I can certainly ask.

    Please do let us know your thoughts as to my response :smile:

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