I don't find the menu bar for further settings using 1password for Mac.

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I want to change the master password, but can't even see the menu bar to select preferences/security...

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  • thightower
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    Launch the 1Password app and press "⌘" + "," That will bring up the preferences windows. Thats Command and the comma key.


    The menubar may be hidden due to the app being full screen. If you have accidentally gotten into full screen here is a topic that may help. http://osxdaily.com/2015/03/29/exit-full-screen-mode-mac-os-x/ Basically just put your mouse at the top of the screen and wait the menubar will return. Or press the escape key twice.

  • Hey @betina! Did the info that thightower post provide some insight here? It sounds like you simply may not have the 1Password main app open. You can open it from Finder by navigating to the Applications folder. It should be at the top. :) Double-click it to launch, then click the 1Password menu and select Preferences. From there, click the Security tab and click Change Master Password. Let us know if that helps!

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