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Help request | syncing ipad 2 and iphone 4 Only.

Aviel CorchiaAviel Corchia
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some more information about 1P's.
Hi everyone,
this is my first post here,hopefully not the last :)
I am looking for the past few days for an app for iphone\ipad to be able to keep all my passwords under one place.
Also, most important, i'm looking for the app to be able to sync the information between the iphone and ipad. so when i update it on one iDevice it'll get updated on the other one.
So far it came down to this and another app, i won't mention. But it lacks because i see it requires the Desktop client to run to be able to sync the two iDevices through webdav server (in my case box.net)
So i'm left with this app, and i'd like to know.
Can i setup a sync between the iPad2 and iPhone4 without the need to have a pc(windows7) client that negotiates between the two?, Call it a Cloud share.
one more thing, except for the price on 1P's app for both iphone and ipad, is there any extra pay there is need to pay to setup such connection between the two devices?

Thanks for all the help, and i'd love hearing from you.
Thanks everyone,and great day :)


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    Hello Aviel and welcome to the Forums!

    AgileBits recommends Dropbox for syncing two or more iOS devices. Automatic Syncing Using Dropbox

    You will need to download and install the 1Password for Windows desktop application to setup the initial Dropbox sync, but you can delete the desktop application after setup. You will not need the desktop app to negotiate the iOS device syncing afterwards. Even better, you can download a 30-day FREE trial of the desktop application to do the setup, so you do not have any additional cost to incur. Just delete the desktop app when you're done. Nothing more to do!

    Regarding costs in addition to the price you paid for the 1Password iOS app, there are NONE. Of course, there may be additional charges associated with data usage on your iOS devices charged by your cellular or Internet provider, but there are no fees charged by AgileBits.

    I use Dropbox to sync my iPad and iPhone, and I love it. I hope you will take a look at this option and give it some consideration.

    Please let me know if I've answered your question. If not, I'll be happy to discuss options that you wish to know more about.



    PS My reply assumes that a 1Password desktop application will be used only for the setup and will deleted afterwards. For those who wish to use the desktop application going forward, please see the following post for more details: Sharing 1Password with Mac OS X or Windows
  • Aviel CorchiaAviel Corchia
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    Thanks for the info bswins,
    You were great in explaining me what i've found on the search forum, maybe i should have been more specifc with an example.
    If let's just say, i had to delete my iphone ipad, or a new idevice(i'll run ahead and call it iphone 6 or ipad3d)
    and i had to resetup my dropbox sync. that would need me to reinstall the windows 1p's software. and if for example those 30 days have passed(probably) between the first setup to this time, i'd be left without the ability to raise again my sync setup. Is there any solution for such case?

    And thank you for your fast reply
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    Thanks for the clarification. Your question is a good one, and I presume that some people don't consider this possible scenario.

    The important thing to remember is that your 1P data file (1Password.agilekeychain) is separate from the 1P application on all platforms. This fact is the reason that you can delete the 1P desktop application after setting up Dropbox syncing. Once you setup Dropbox, the 1Password.agilekeychain file/folder is moved to your Dropbox folder and stays there unless you delete it.

    If you had to delete the 1P app from your iPhone and/or iPad (and/or iPod Touch), the 1Password.agilekeychain is not affected in any way. So, in these cases, you would just go to the iTunes App Store, re-download the 1P app, install on your iOS device and follow the Dropbox setup procedures applicable to your particular iOS device(s).

    I can imagine a scenario where you accidentally deleted your 1Password.agilekeychain from your Dropbox folder. There should be previous versions of the keychain available for restoration on the Dropbox servers, but if you decided to delete each previous version, as some people do, you would then need to download the Windows desktop application and move your keychain back to Dropbox.

    However, if you really want to be sure that you are covered in such a scenario, occasionally, you should backup your Dropbox folder to a CD/DVD or other medium. That way, if you delete your 1P keychain by accident, you can copy it back to Dropbox.

    In summary:

    Once you move your 1Password.agilekeychain (your 1P data file) to Dropbox, it stays there regardless of whether you delete the desktop app or the iOS device app.
    Once you reinstall the iOS app, setup Dropbox syncing as you did the first time...or how ever the instructions for 1P's iOS app-of-the-future (1P Pro 6 or IP Pro 3d) instructs you to do so.
    Your iOS device will connect with Dropbox, locate your keychain and BAM!, you're back in business.

    Please let me know if I've made things better...or worse...with my explanation. :)

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    I'll see your (y) and raise you a (y)(y)

    Also, I will raise you a (beer)


    That is to say: "Brandt is correct." Dropbox setup requires 1Password for Mac or Windows, but the setup needs to only be performed once in your lifetime (under normal circumstances). You can add or remove iOS devices until the cows come home without having to use 1Password on your Mac or PC. ;-)
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