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I purchased 1Password through the Apple App Store in the UK. I have moved to NZ and had to change my country for my iTunes account to NZ. I have a new MacBook for work and I can't 'restore my purchase' for 1Password from the NZ App Store.

I do still have 1Password on my iMac at home and my other iOS devices.

I don't want to spend NZD $65 to repurchase 1Password so I can use it at work!.

I downloaded 1Password 5 from the Agile Bits web store, but the 30 day trial is over and I am left without a working 1Password at work.

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  • danco
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    Unfortunately Apple don't give a way to change purchases between different countries' App Stores.

    AgileBits will give you a licence for their version, but (Apple's rules, again) you can't use iCloud sync with this version. However, Dropbox sync works fine and is technically at least as good.

    If you can send proof of purchase (your receipt from Apple0 to that should be enough for them to proceed.

  • AGAlumB
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    @jettyson: Indeed, but while AgileBits can't transfer your App Store license to Apple's other App Store (try saying that 10 times fast...) we can give you a license for the AgileBits Store version. And since you're already using Dropbox Sync, that will work just fine for you. Simply send us a copy of your Mac App Store receipt at with a link to this thread, and we'll be able to use it to generate one for you.

    I am curious though why you had to change your iTunes/App Store region. I know number of people who continue to use the same store after moving, the only inconvenience being that they don't have access to items only available in other regional stores. Cheers! :)

    ref: BIT-86459-484

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