If I change to OPVault, will 1PasswordAnywhere still work on my Chromebook?


Thanks for all the updates on the recent security story about OP. It seems like we should generally upgrade to OPVault format but I have a question: Since I usually use a ChromeBook with 1PasswordAnywhere for browsing away from my Desk, will this solution continue to work, or is OPVault only a solution for Native mode clients?

And ... count this as +2 votes for a ChromeBook / ChromeOS native version of 1Password (one for me and one for my niece)


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  • Hey @eye-oh-bee! OPVault does not support 1PasswordAnywhere. You'll need to stick with the Agile Keychain format to continue using that feature. You can, however, sign up for the 1Password for Teams beta, which is just as good as 1PasswordAnywhere and much prettier. :) I would recommend checking it out as we'll be developing it a lot over the next few months and it will likely become an awesome way to use 1Password on ChromeOS. Let us know what you think.

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