How do I re-order my Vaults in 1Password?

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How do I re-order my vaults in 1Password for example, I have Primary Vault, Archive, Demo, Family, Work - Is there any way to re-order them so the Demo vault is last and such.

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  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @kylerphillips,

    Unfortunately at the moment it's ordered alphabetically. I feel your pain after I got used to my work vault always being ⌘2 for ages and now I don't even remember what number it is assigned as I've created other vaults and they've pushed my work vault down the line.

    I've added your vote to see the ability to manually order the vaults. I can't make any promises as to if or when this might happen but like you I hope it sees the light of day :smile:

    ref: OPM-3168

  • kylerphillips
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    Thanks @littlebobbytables much appreciated! Fingers crossed :chuffed:

  • @kylerphillips Glad littlebobbytables was able to help you out here. If you need anything else, you know where to find us. ;)

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