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How it work on Safari (iphone 4)?

Hello there!

Purchased 1Pass for iPhone already synced with desktop version over WiFi.
But! I cant able autosubmit my data into safari pages.

Open login page.
Put cursor on "login" field... and do nothing!

type manually log/pass info and go on...


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    Hello Chandr and welcome to the Forums!

    Please forgive me if you already know this, but other visitors to this topic may not.

    Currently, there is no way to integrate into Apple's Mobile Safari. As a workaround, 1Password's iOS apps contain a built-in browser.

    However, the built-in browser will AutoFill saved Login data, but it will not AutoSubmit the data. You will need to manually submit the login. Please see the following help guide for more information: 1P Touch: How to Log into Web Sites

    It sounds like you are manually copying and pasting your login information into Mobile Safari. If you would rather not use 1P's built-in browser solution, you may be interested in the the Bookmarklets functionality: Safari Logins Bookmarklet

    Please review the information and let us know if you have additional questions.


  • Hello Brandt!

    No more questions at this time.
    Tnx for help!
    And tnx for 1Pass - great app. ))
  • Chandr,

    Thanks for updating the thread, and I appreciate the kind words!

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