1password helper-How do I make it work?

I'm using Windows and used Chrome browser. I see the little 1Password icon at the top right of my screen (it is gray), but when I click on it, I get a popup that says "External Protocol Request", and when I click "Launch Application", it says "Looking for the 1Password helper" "Try Again" "What does the helper do" "What might be causing the problem?" (but it doesn't say "how to fix this").
I've looked through all your posts and cannot find out WHERE to find the Helper (is is through the browser tool bar? is it on my program directory?) and I've found nothing that tells me how to make it work. Is this a separate software that I need to install? If so, is it on the AgileBits website somewhere? There's not adequate trouble-shooting information to tell me how to resolve this problem.....

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Referrer: kb:extension-troubleshooting, kb:extension-troubleshooting-ensure-helper-running


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    Hi @sugarpie1326,

    The What might be causing the problem link should take you to our KB article that will explain what you can do to resolve this.

    1Password Helper is automatically installed by the main 1Password program and 1Password will start it when you install the extension from the program.

    Is the main 1Password program installed on your PC? If not, download it from our page here: https://www.agilebits.com/downloads

    After installing it, open the main 1Password app, does it show you the unlock view to unlock your data or does it show you the welcome tour with three options asking if you're the new 1Password user, used 1Password before or to restore from backup?

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