Can I share a vault with an android user already using 1Password?

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I followed the tutorial for sharing a vault with a family member, but there doesn't seem to be an option for additional vaults in Android. Is this feature unavailable? Should I just share the 30-40 items manually instead?

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Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: kb:share-item, kb:choose-sharing, kb:share-vault


  • saadsaad

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    Sorry for that @jakobheuser! Multiple vaults is not supported on the Android version of 1Password yet. Our team plans to implement this feature in an upcoming release, but I don't have a timeframe of its availability.

    Unfortunately, there isn't a better way to access multiple vaults on Android at this time. :( If the person you are sharing the vault with is okay with merging the items into their primary vault, then that could be a temporary solution. But again, it's really difficult to recommend this approach as sync won't work with the shared vault. If you still prefer this, let me know and I will provide instructions to easily merge the shared vault with the primary. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the response. We'll just manage them manually for now, as not having the logins available on the phone would be the worst of the two options.

  • saadsaad

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    Thanks for your understanding! I'm sorry for the trouble.

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